A new address in Arles now is open, right next to the Arena, sorry!, the amphitheatre: a photo and art gallery, with a bookshop which will allow you to discover Antiquity from another viewpoint, and also a collection of craft beers brewed in the region, from Provence and Occitania.

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Topographies of Medusa, part 2

Natural stories.

Artworks by Olivia Rosa-Blondel, l.l. de mars, François Ely, Philippe de Jonckheere, Gilles Magnin, Anne Pellegrini.

From February 27th to April 30th 2019.


The place also has a bookshop specialising in Antiquity, where you can find a selection of books dealing with the concrete Antiquity’s lifestyle for women, men and children : beliefs, techniques, agriculture, medicine, food, arts, mythologies…

Come and rediscover daily life in Antiquity, a source of inspiration for our postmodern lives.

Craft beers

The only place in Arles where you can find a large selection of craft beers from Provence and Occitania. The age of craft beers is back, with micro- breweries flourishing and brewers, passionate about beer,  exploring recipes and cross-over tastes. A selection of beers from Marseilles, Aix- en-Provence, Nimes, Istres, Montpellier and the Lubéron… allowing you to discover deep and sparkling flavours, infused with nature and the Provençal culture, adapted to each situation and every delicacy.

To try a local beer is to adopt it and commit to discovering a variety of tastes, sparkle and olfactive sensations – with one of the most ancient and thirst-quenching drinks there is!