A new address in Arles now is open, right next to the Arena, sorry!, the amphitheatre: a photo and art gallery, with a bookshop which will allow you to discover Antiquity from another viewpoint, and also a collection of craft beers brewed in the region, from Provence and Occitania.

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Jul’s drauwings exposition in Arles

Exhibition of a series of drawings by Jul, from the books 50 nuances de Grecs and La faim de l’histoire.

From Après 18th to June 26th 2024.

Antic bookshop

The place mainly is a bookshop specialising in Antiquity, where you can find a selection of more than 4 500 books dealing with the concrete Antiquity’s lifestyle for women, men and children : beliefs, techniques, agriculture, medicine, food, arts, mythologies… and of course, history and literature. From Mesopotamia to the celtic world.

With a short selection of English books.

Come and rediscover daily life in Antiquity, a source of inspiration for our postmodern lives.

We also have an online bookshop and ship books abroad. Discover it here !

Craft beers and original wines & spirits

The only place in Arles where you can find a rigorous selection of craft beers, natural wines and alcools from Provence and Occitania. Discover the various and original beers of our partners from Aix-en-Provence and Montpellier, Aquae Maltae and La Malpolon. We created with Aquae Maltae an original “cervoise”, with a local gruit, a sour and tasteful beverage which our ancestors would have appreciated ! We have other cervoises made by the brewery In Taberna. We also have a selection of antic and medieval wines, precisely made by adding honey, herbs and spices. And a unique selection of local craft natural alcohols : eaux-de-vie, french whiskies, rhums, ancient liquors, and natural cognac.


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