Fragments – Arnaud du Boistesselin

The gallery De Natura rerum settles in a place filled with history and humanity, with stones from the Augustan rampart and the medieval arches that punctuate it. In keeping with this setting, the gallery will put on photographic exhibitions, as well as paintings, drawings, collages and sculptures that change the optic through which we view Antiquity and history, to show its abundant polysemy and worrying resonances, mysterious or sensual.

Our first exhibition can be inscribed under the aegis of Gaston Bachelard, in The poetics of space:

“Through the brilliance of an image, the distant past resonates with echoes and one can hardly see how deeply these echoes reverberate and fade.”

Arnaud du Boistesselin has undertaken journeys (and dreams of setting off again), has lived in a land of sand and stone on the other side of the Mediterranean. His return is paradoxically an exile.

“I think we have all experienced moments where something has collapsed inside us, something with which we must, willy-nilly, continue to live… Are there not ruins deep within each of us?”

Arnaud du Boistesselin, through his Fragments, asks himself, with the artist Jiri Kolar, if this collapse that is the nostos, is not in essence a new departure.

The galery will be open 7 days a week, from 11:00 to 19:00.
It is located 50 rue du refuge, 50 meters from the Roman arena’s main entrance.

Fragments - Arnaud du Boistesselin - Arles 2018

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